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To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.

Dr. Seuss



Your diet and lifestyle during pregnancy has a profound impact on your baby's lifelong health and development.

I can support you through each trimester of your pregnancy to feel nourished and empowered in your choices. You are typically bombarded with so much information from external sources of what you should and should not eat in pregnancy. I know, from my own experience, this can be a source of stress. I want to re-frame this approach so you are able to make informed choices by tuning into your own body to ensure your nutrition plan serves to nourish YOUR body and YOUR growing baby.

I know from my own experiences of pregnancy that so much of our own power is given away in the process. I want to guide you to stand in your power in this important journey.

This package addresses health concerns by trimester including gestational diabetes, fatigue, anaemia, mood and sleep, infections, heartburn, and more.

I will also address planning for the very important postpartum period during our time together.

I can also discuss evidence based choices around the birth including vaginal seeding in the event of a C-section and home birth/hospital birth and foods for labour.

The Pregnancy Package