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Wherever you are on your health journey, we start there. I meet you where you are. If you are truly looking for long-term behaviour change, I consider a package option is the best way to work together. 

For most people, accountability and support is such an important piece of the success puzzle on any transformational journey. Committing to a package may be exactly what you need to commit yourself to your wellness vision.  You can expect education, support and accountability from me.

During the first session, I will conduct a full health assessment as we begin our journey together. Before the first consultation, I send you a detailed questionnaire to get to know you better. The whole you. I will look at your history, your childhood, your fears, your vision, your passions and what lights you up. I want to know the WHOLE you - mind, body and spirit.

I like to collaborate with you to caste your wellness vision together so you can leave my consultation with a plan that we design together, to get you started. 

Follow-up appointments allow us to review and change things, as needed, and keep you accountable and focused.  You will also receive support via email, as needed, in between appointments.

In order to give clients lasting, sustainable change, my work combines whole foods, sleep, movement, mindset, connection, your purpose and creativity - along with supplementation and functional lab tests, when needed.

New habits don’t happen overnight. Patience is incredibly important which is the value of having an accountability partner.

Firstly, I want to discover your WHY. Then we can set about making changes which are sustainable in the long term.

Knowledge is only potential power

Napoleon Hill

With nutrition and wellbeing, most people I come across seem to rely on Google, advice taken in from headline stories or books they have read, or even a random family member with no particular knowledge of the subject.

While I love to see people empowering themselves with knowledge, I believe this knowledge can only take you so far on your wellness journey. Particularly women in the throes of motherhood or pregnancy when our priorities cannot be focused on a deep dive into what we may need to support your optimal health

Recognising how to make changes, recognising what changes we may need to make at a deeper level, peeling back layers - this kind of work needs collaboration, I believe. It needs the support provided by a therapeutic relationship - where someone else holds space for you, listens to your story, you hear yourself out loud, maybe for the first time. Maybe questions are asked which open up areas of exploration that you haven't considered before. Collaborating with someone who is there to hold the space for you during transformative changes, can be a game changer. It brings accountability and someone who is on your side. 

As a mother, I have therapists I see which are invaluable to my physical and emotional health. Even with nutrition, I have seen others for advice as I am too close to me (if that makes sense) to see what I need.

Working with a nutritionist can go far deeper than just foods - the lifestyle contingent is an integral part. I am looking at the whole you and what you are really hungry for.

I generally work virtually but I like to see people in person for the first appointment where possible.

I offer three different 1:1 package options.

1:1 Coaching Packages

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Only recommended if you need to make just a couple of small tweaks to an otherwise healthy lifestyle. It is not really for you if you have deeper health issues or lifestyle changes to be made.

We have the Initial Consultation to work through your WHOLE picture before coming up with a plan together. I then like to have a 15 minute check-in 2 weeks’ later followed by the 30 minute follow-up appointment at the end of the month to review where you are.

If we get to the end of our time together and you feel you need more support, you can purchase additional ‘maintenance packages’ below.


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A great option for those who have a little longer to travel on their path to wellness, those who have more complex health concerns or want more accountability/encouragement and support.

By working together over 3 months we are able to commit to each other. By doing so, we can dig deeper and devise a protocol which will be more sustainable.

If we get to the end of our time together and you feel you need more support, you can purchase additional ‘maintenance packages’ below.


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This package allows us to work much deeper. This is the package I prefer clients to invest in so we can focus deeply on the many layers that make you whole, including your mind, body and soul.

I will show up and work the journey with you and show you the same level of commitment as I expect from you.

I will work together with your own innate healing mechanisms - You, and only You, are your own best healer.

If we get to the end of our time together and you feel you need more support, you can purchase additional ‘maintenance packages’ below.


What else is included?

All packages include the following. The 3- and 6-month packages allow us to drill deeper into all of these.

  • Customised wellness plan to include nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.

  • Self care practices to nourish and nurture you, including self-care rituals, gratitude, meditation and mindfulness practices based specifically on your journey.

  • Bespoke reading and listening recommendations tailored to you - activities that will enhance your journey (see the education phase below).

  • Mindful Cooking and food rituals - materials created specifically for you including recipes and meal guidance including how to incorporate suggestions around your life circumstances.

  • Mindful Food Shopping - knowledge of food origin, quality and composition.

  • Option of functional laboratory testing and professional grade supplementation, as needed (costs of lab tests and supplements are not included but Alison’s interpretation of any tests is included in the package).

  • Discount on professional grade supplements

  • A surprise gift from me to support your journey.

Maintenance packages

If you feel you would like to continue your journey with me and you would like a more cost effective way to continue working with me, I can offer follow-up consultations of 30 minutes long.

3 Follow-up Sessions: £185 (must be used within 6 months from date of first visit)

6 Follow-up Sessions: £360 (must be used within 12 months from date of first visit)

What can you expect?

PHASE 1: Introduction and discovery phase

This includes the Initial Consultation and at least the first month of your program. This is when I get to know you a bit better. We begin to peel back the layers of your daily routine, take a closer look at your nutrition, activity level, habits, tendencies and work to make changes so you are more aligned with what you need to feel whole and nourished.

PHASE 2: Education

My goal as a nutritional therapist is to educate and share information that will help you thrive. I want to help you to understand why current habits aren’t serving you and how we can go about making sustainable changes that will last beyond our time together. You will learn about ways in which you can take back control of your health, so you feel empowered to make lasting changes. The duration of phase is dependent on your individual needs and concerns.

PHASE 3: Integration

This is the the phase where you start adding in all the good stuff. Most people think of nutritional therapists as eliminating food stuffs. My approach, where possible, is to crowd in all the nourishing foods and lifestyle activities.

By taking those small steps towards your overall wellbeing vision, those healthful habits start to replace the old, less beneficial ones, eventually “sticking” to become your new normal. Each baby step carries an energetic potential to motivate you to continue crowding in more goodness.

The duration of this phase is dependent on your individual needs, concerns and goals.

PHASE 4: maintenance phase

This phase is all about building confidence. You will start to really notice the changes you have made and start to see the benefits. It’s important to remember that your health journey is never linear. Many of us have natural regressions while embarking on a transformational journey. I see my role during this time to help keep you moving forwards and support you along the way. If you need further sessions in the future once our package sessions have come to an end, I offer maintenance bundles for you to check-in with me.